Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Story of a Design: Cintamani Jewelry

Cintamani necklace and earring set was inspired during my attendance at the 2013 CGOA Conference in Concord last October. I was doing some color swatching during Professional Development Day when fellow crochet designer and friend Lynn noticed what I was doing and said my doodle would make a great earring. Others agreed and I felt inspired to turn the swatch into a usable design. After conference I set about creating a matching necklace as the pair of earrings needed something more.

The design was inspired by element of mehndi as well as gold jewelry from India. The final result is reminiscent of an exotic talisman of precious rubies, amethysts, and sapphires in-layed within brilliant gold. The inlay effect is created by working behind and in front of stitches in addition to the back loop only. This creates subtle layering that is less dramatic that front or back post stitching. Two colors are alternated on the outer round to create jewels; substitute a suitable variegated thread to achieve a color-changing effect.

Pattern is available at the subscription website 

Finished Size: Necklace medallion - 2.5” diameter
Neckband - 15.5” circumference including clasps
Earring - 2” diameter
Cintamani is a Sanskrit word that means “thought gem” or “wish-fulfilling stone.” It refers to the legendary Cintamani Stone, an artifact in Hindu and Buddhist mythology thought to possess extraordinary powers. According to the legend, the gem fell from the heavens to Earth, but since it was so powerful and potentially dangerous, it was sent to the mystical hidden city of Shambhala.

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