Thursday, January 31, 2013

Circles of Color

What color(s) do you like? I'm working on a design and can't decide which one I like best so I made up some swatches. The center variegated is just for fun--I have no intention of using it.
Which one(s) do you like best?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Breathe Into Life: My Sources of Inspiration

Shortly after I ventured into the realm of crochet designing I soon realized I was developing an almost superhero power that I shall arbitarily call "crochet vision". This unique vision, both voluntary and involuntary, is the ability to see a pattern, image, or just about anything, turned into crochet.

The involuntary form of this vision likes to strike when I'm in a restaurant or public venue. When it strikes there is the immediate need to capture that source of inspiration. There have been many times I've taken a picture of a plate, wall decoration, or sign having to use Pooky's cell phone camera because I forget to take mine.

The voluntary form of crochet vision I have manifests in seeing traditional art forms--mandalas, kolam, rangoli, and mehndi--as an endless source of translatable designs. When we last drove through Pennsylvania my crochet vision was activated by Amish hex signs.

Inspiration most recently struck while watching Downton Abbey when I spotted a beaded necklace worn by Lady Mary as being highly translatable. While searching for better images of the necklace in order to translate it, I came upon many other Victorian choker necklaces that sparked my vision.

Often I find myself overwhelmed with all of this source material. So many ideas, so little time. Hopefully I'll have many years of designing ahead of me so that I can translate a bit of all that inspires me.

When I first saw this image of a ceiling in the Taj Mahal I thought: "That's a doily!"

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Collar Necklaces or Mehndi Motifs?

I'm finding that there are so many wonderful sources of inspiration for me to translate into crochet that I'm having to decide where to focus my energies and what goals I might achieve this year as an aspiring designer. Of the two possibilities, what would you be most interested in crocheting?

One possibility, inspired by seeing this necklace worn by Lady Mary on Downton Abbey, is to create a series of collar style necklaces. The designs would be inspired by Victorian beaded necklaces.
Lady Mary's necklace
The second possibility is to create a series of motifs inspired by mehndi designs. The motifs could be used for just about any project, but would be designed for thread.

Inspiration for Payal Barefoot Sandals