Lori M. Carlson established Shrone Designs in conjunction with her first crochet design. Her favorite medium to use is size 20 thread, in a variety of colors, to create unique and textural designs. She is recognized as a Crochet Associate Professional by the CGOA.

In addition to being an avid thread crocheter and aspiring thread crochet designer, Lori is a self-proclaimed dedicated feline maintenance worker, Pooky’s loving wife since Leap Day 2004, culinary dilettante, and Questrist of the Perfect Cheeseburger. Her self-published patterns are available on Ravelry and Etsy as ShroneDesigns.

Lori enjoys developing her crochet skills and likes challenging projects. Her premiere design, Split Infinitive, uses a combination of tapestry and overlay techniques, or as she calls it, tapestry overlay. The design was awarded 2nd Place in the Artistic Expression category by the CGOA 2011 Design Competition.

Lori has been inspired and influenced by the designs of Yoko Suzuki, Patricia Kristoffersen, and Kathryn White (who is also her mentor through CGOA).

In one of Lori's nine lives she worked as a wedding officiant for 4.5 years. Her education and training is marriage & family therapy, and biology. Her real job, the one she doesn't get paid for but immensely loves is being a dedicated feline maintenance worker to six cats.

Just what is a Shrone? Some say it is a village in Ireland that Lori hopes to visit some day as she feels a strong affinity for it. Some say it is a special breed of crazy cat lady. Others say nobody knows what it is, therefore, they are unknowable.