Monday, April 1, 2013

No More Lost Steel Hooks & Needles!

Does Your Couch Love to Eat Hooks & Needles?
I remember one evening happily crocheting on a project. I got up and when I got back to the couch I couldn't find my hook. Now for those who don't crochet this might seem like no big deal. My husband can attest to the fact that I transformed into a tornado of fury that could not be consoled until the hook was found! Thankfully he was kind enough to move the couch and I was reunited with my hook. Peace, love and harmony once again reigned supreme.

Since losing a hook to the couch can be an ordeal that all who experience wish not to repeat, I began to be more diligent about putting my hooks back into their pouch, even for just a bathroom break. Then I got to thinking that there might be an easier way. I volunteer at a museum science lab once a week and we were using magnets to retrieve metal objects out of a large cylinder of water. An idea clicked into my head: why not use a magnet to secure my hooks in my work area?

I found a metal candy tin that was suitable to store the hooks in if I ever needed to. However, I needed a place to anchor the magnet. This tin is the perfect size. Somehow we have a bunch of super-strong magnets in our house. I selected one that was the ideal size. When I take breaks I place my hook on the magnet. I also keep my tapestry needle on it as well as my pair of small scissors. This solution has been the best I've tried so far as for not losing my stuff to either the couch or "mess" in my work area. Plus if I drop a blocking pin on the floor all I need to do is use the magnet to pick it up!

Super-strong magnet at work