Friday, May 31, 2013

Story of a Design: Mehndi Necklace

As I'm still beginning my journey as a designer, I find the story of my designs interesting. My design process for the Mehndi Necklace began about a year ago. It's hard to believe I have patiently waited this long to be able to share with fellow crocheters this design! The mehndi motif was inspired by an actual mehndi hand design. I originally wanted to make it as a slave bracelet in size 40 thread and so I did!

Slave bracelet
Size 40 thread
While I liked what I had designed, something just wasn't right with the straps. I puzzled over it, showed it to fellow crochet designers at guild meetings. Then it hit me that maybe this motif wasn't meant to be a slave bracelet. It was meant to be a necklace!

But what kind of neckband would fit with the motif? After more deliberation I decided to use elements in the motif. The first version I made was in black with a raspberry pink accent, just like the original bracelet.

First version of necklace
When I decided to submit it for publication I knew that the black and raspberry was too Victorian-Gothic, so I decided to make one in a purple-grape with a matching lighter color. It was only after submitting it that I realized that there was a color palette for the issue, but it was perfect as is!

Final version
Now that the design is published I can finally wear my two necklaces in public. I like the versatility of the design--it can be worn with casual clothes or with dressy evening wear. Plus it works up great in different color combinations so it can be made to match many outfits.

Mehndi Necklace Pattern

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