Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's National Crochet Month (aka NatCroMo)!

Take the Tour
Crochetville is hosting a special event in honor of National Crochet Month. It's called  A Tour Through Crochet Country. The virtual tour is of various crochet designers' websites or blogs. There will be at least one designer's site to visit each day during the month of March. (The complete schedule is posted here.) You'll want to visit each stop along the tour because there will be a special surprise awaiting visitors at each destination. Plus, it's a great way to virtually meet your favorite designers, or to discover new ones.

Save the Date
You'll especially want to take note of March 28th on the tour schedule. That's the day that I'll be putting up a very special post and surprise! 

It's no coincidence that I'm sharing the date with Kathryn White. She is my official mentor! We've known each other for years and she's been helpful to me before, so us being matched came as no surprise. I hope to perfect my bullion stitch by merely being in her remote presence.

I've already visited the sites for the first two days and so far this tour promises to be a lot of fun and very informative! So click on the links already and start the tour! :-D

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